Zmeková, Bára

Bára Zmeková is a singer-songwriter and pianist from Prague. Her music is a blend of folk, jazz and classical spiced with a bit of electronica.

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Fragile and earnest nature of her songs is balanced by humour and playfulness and she swaps piano and synths fluently on stage. Singing her songs mainly in Czech (next to French or English), she has the ability to take her audience for a soul trip even though they don’t understand the lyrics.

"The moment Bára Zmeková steps on stage, her luminous personality shines all over the audience as she sings her songs – beautifully intimate, witty and charming stories you can understand perfectly even if you don’t speak a word of Czech."
Abel Petneki, Budapest Music Center, Hungary

She released her second album LUNAVES in 2019 with the great success. She won both the Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Czech Music Crossroads 2019 with her band, she was the Czech Music Academy Award “Anděl” nominee for Best Solo Artist and Best Newcomer and she was selected by the WOMEX jury to represent the Czech music scene at WOMEX 2020.


“Bára Zmeková is a modest, yet adventurous songwriter-storyteller,
opening many secret doors. As a pianist and bandleader, she paints
images that softly invade your imagination.”
Petr Dorůžka, music publicist, Český rozhlas Vltava.

“Composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist BÁRA ZMEKOVÁ moves in her songs between jazz, folk, classical and electronic music. Bára sings in Czech but even those who do not understand the language will be fascinated by her and her extraordinary band in their dream-like world. Her fragile, very intense songs kidnap, seduce and inevitably capture you. Light-footed humor and an incomparable performance let the poetry of the pieces shine gently and steadily. You can't help but like Bára Zmekova.”
Steffen Wilde
Artistic director for Jazzclub Tonne
Dresden, Germany

“It's undeniable that a new and complex performer has appeared on the scene, one who's utterly convincing and whose songs, in their existential depth and straightforward openness, will appeal to anyone who can think and feel. The originality of her work takes it to a place where the differences between alternative music, jazz, and pop cease to matter.”
Milan Bátor, Czech publicist

participating in

  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2021
  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
stand number WOMEX 22: 233, 236


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