Appreciate Life

Making Music Matters. Listening and creating with community is our history. Sustainability is our driver. Reach with impact our goal

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We listen, we write, we sing. We tell stories to stir the soul, lift the spirit and rouse the rebel heart.

From our studio and aboard our boat, we explore ways to live differently and creatively on the planet. Music, writing and film are our passions.

We sail close to the wind. We push the boat out. We tell the truth.

We share ideas, solutions and opportunities - for living well, making a living and making a difference.

We're StephenKearneyMusic. We're country, we’re folk, we’re rock. We're tradmod. We work across genres and across generations.

We're here to share who we are, make friends, meet partners and industry professionals. We hope, we listen, we learn - we love to meet with people who touch souls, awaken dreams, make music and create energy to take us all to a more sustainable future.



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  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2022


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"Eaten" - Stephen Kearney