Galandum Galundaina

A reason to love Portugal. It is the past as the past must be heard in the future. It's tremendous and it's (not) Portuguese!

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Galandum Galundaina is part of the genealogy of a region with a unique cultural heritage where traditional root music merges with the Mirandese language, giving rise to an exquisite musical universe The traditional Mirandese songbook is at the base of the group which, with its instruments, recreates themes exploring rhythms, dynamics and harmonies endowed with contemporaneity, without forgetting the not so distant memory of the geographic and cultural isolation that has been forging the identity characteristics of Miranda’s region.
Galandum Galundaina not only uses the Mirandese language in their performances, but also the traditional musical instruments made by themselves, which they use for a completely different approach in an explosion of rhythm, fiery melodies and remarkable harmonizations Traditional percussions combined with innovative motives, ancient recovered instruments as the psaltery or an exquisite fiddle, the contagious sound of the hurdy gurdy, and the rough and iconic sound of the mirandese bagpipe, a landmark which has the power to make us recede to the celtic traditions so present in this northeastern region.
The albums released have had an excellent appreciation by the specialized critics In 2010 in addition to the Megafone Award, the album Senhor Galandum was recognized by the Público and Blitz newspapers as one of the ten best national albums, just as its predecessor Modas i Anzonas They already have 4 albums and a live DVD published.
The performances of Galandum Galundaina are characterized by the aesthetic sobriety of musical arrangements and the contagious energy they transmit to the audience, spontaneously transforming the festivals' enclosures into lively dance stages where their feet just touch the ground between breaks.
Their path includes some of the most important World/Folk Music festivals in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Morocco, Cuba, Cape Verde, Macau, Brazil, Mexico and Malaysia.

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  • WOMEX 2021