WOMEX 20 Film Programme : FAQ


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about the WOMEX 20 Digital Film Programme. If you still have questions, contact us at film@piranha-arts.com.

As a WOMEX delegate, what are the benefits of watching the films?
The film programme serves as a platform to facilitate conversations between the global underground music and independent film communities. It is a space for the WOMEX delegate to discover new music, musicians and projects, cross-cultural collaborations as well as look into alternative programming opportunities.

Where can I find the WOMEX 20 Film Programme?
You can find the Film Programme HERE. Scroll down to see the films.

Which films are going to stream online?
All 21 films that are part of the official WOMEX Film Programme are available to stream online; worldwide to WOMEX 20 Digital Participants only.

How can I watch a film online?
1.If you haven’t already, Register Here for WOMEX 20 Digital Edition and receive your virtualWOMEX login details.
2. On the top right-hand corner of this page , click on "Login" and enter your virtualWOMEX login details.
3. On the Digital Edition overview page - click on the box that says "Films" and you will be directed to the Film Programme page.Scroll down to the films listing.
4.Click on any film, a film event page will open up, scroll down to the "Videos" section at the bottom left of this page.
5. Click on "Watch Film!".
6.You can go through the complete Film Programme details without logging in but to watch the complete film you will be asked to log into your virtualWOMEX account.

When are the films available?
From 12:00 (CET) onwards on the 15 October until midnight on 25 October 2020.

Why are the films available before WOMEX 20 Digital Days?
The films are online for an extended duration (15-25 October), so that WOMEX delegates have extra time to watch and reflect on the films before the more interactive days of WOMEX (21-25 October).

I live in XXX, are the films available for me to watch?
Yes, all films are available to stream worldwide to all WOMEX 20 digital participants.

How can I see the subtitles?
If the film is subtitled, the subtitles will already be part of the video. You can't add on any subtitles separately.

How can I continue watching a film?
You would need to come back to the film page and manually resume the film where you left off.

What is a digital market screening and a digital film library?
We have two programme formats for the digital edition, which you can read more about here. Films in either format can be screened online from the 15 October through to the 25 October 2020.

How can I get in touch with someone from the film?
If you are logged into your virtualWOMEX account, you can find the film contact for each film on the left-hand side of a particular film page under the "Links" section. By clicking on the link for the film contact, you will then be directed to their virtualWOMEX profile page.

Why is there a “notify us” button on the film page?
The “notify us” button at the bottom right-hand corner of each film event page, helps us note who has watched the film as well as share details with the respective film contact if they request. So do click on the button when you watch films from the film programme.

Are there any film-related interactive panel sessions I can join?
Yes, there are three film related online conference sessions, part of the extensive conference section.

Thursday, 22 October
12:30 -13:15 CEST
Africa Rising: New Realities in African Music.

Friday, 23 October
17:30 -18:15 CEST
Diasporas Preserving Communities: Transforming Societies through Music and Culture.

Saturday, 24 October
14:30 -15:15 CEST
The Politics of Music and the Music of Politics: Resistance from Beirut's Experimental Music Scene

Are there any interviews, articles part of the film programme that I can read?
Yes, you can check them out in our Reflections section.

I love the WOMEX Film Programme, how can I invite a colleague to watch a film?
Please have your colleague, friend register for WOMEX 20 Digital Edition to get access to the entire digital programme.

Is there a WOMEX Film Programme competition?
There is a competition. Let us know what films you loved watching and why using the hashtag #WatchWOMEXFilm.Ten lucky delegates that post on Facebook/Instagram using the hashtag and tagging WOMEX, are eligible to win one month of free streaming on DAFilms - the online documentary cinema.

Will there be more films online after WOMEX 20 Digital Edition?
Yes, we will feature an extended selection of films online, post-WOMEX that you can access through your WOMEX 20 Digital Registration.

What is the Jeremy Marre Retrospective?
A selection of four of Jeremy Marre's films were available online to stream from the 24 September - 8 October 2020 to all WOMEX 20 Digital Registrations as bonus content.These films are no longer available to stream.

Where can I find the complete WOMEX 20 Digital Programme?
Here, you have a full overview of the WOMEX 20 Digital Programme.

What is virtualWOMEX?
virtualWOMEX is WOMEX's online database that is accessible to WOMEX delegates 365 days a year to network and do business on. Here you can find more information on virtualWOMEX.

My question is not here, what can I do?
For any film programme related questions, please contact: film@piranha-arts.com.

article posted by:Sana Rizvi, Piranha Arts