Shapeshifter Productions

Shapeshifter Productions is a music and performing arts charity, supporting the work of composer and violinist Alison Jones.

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Founded by Alison Jones in 2007, Shapeshifter Productions gained charitable status in 2011. Based in Waltham Forest, The London Borough of Culture for 2019 , our activities focus on delivering original, world class productions and creating engaging, innovative community projects to new and established audiences.

This year sees the launch of Alison's new composition, Resonance, a dynamic soundtrack and concert performance with a twist, which conjures legends of formidable warrior women from Sky and a conquering young Celt, who learns from them the value of love, respect and equality. This eclectic music is inspired by musical influences that have touched Alison on her travels over the years, including Scottish, Arabic, classical and Flamenco disciplines.

What makes Resonance especially dynamic is the mirroring of the hero’s journey in a thrilling series of dance pieces, choreographed by dancer, actor-stunt woman and martial arts European champion, Cecily Fay. Two dancers support the musical narrative on stage, played by a seven piece ensemble, in a combination of dance, martial arts and acrobatics.

Resonance is so much more than a concert, giving audiences an exhilarating and powerful experience. Having toured successfully at indoor and covered outdoor venues with outstanding audience response across South West England in June 2018, we have come to WOMEX to meet promoters and programmers who would like to share the Resonance experience with their audiences from 2019 onwards.

You can leave messages or arrange to meet us at The Horizons stand number A53-A60.

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