d'Orfeu AC

d'Orfeu Associação Cultural develops an intense activity in Musical Education, Artistic Creation and Festivals, based in Águeda (Portugal).

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With more than 20 years of activity, d'Orfeu Cultural Association has taken a successful path of intense artistic and cultural production, with varying impacts at local, regional, national and international levels. Through its work and its institutional recognition, henceforth the foundations towards the future, reaffirming, in this way, the merit and the consistency of their cultural and community models.
With headquarters in the town of Águeda, the Association proposed to raise the cultural level of the local community with an artistic programming persevering, inedited and regular, as its central goals the qualification and continuing loyalty of new audiences. Not without critical financial limitations and infra-structural-alongside a stoic efforts of their professional and voluntary structures, d'Orfeu has obtained increasing results over the years. Being the city of Águeda recognized more by industrial strength, the Association challenged this city to become an important destination of Portuguese cultural itinerary. And, when working the traditional culture, linked its activity to the history and heritage of identity of Águeda, doing it through a universalist and cosmopolitan perspective, by several ways: artistic training, cultural events for all audiences, many artistic creations, own editions, exchanges and international partnerships.
d'Orfeu's mission of working the cultural heritage and expand it to regional and national levels has been a victory, aware of the difficulties that often sprinkle its route. Because we believe in the value of the cultural expression along the populations, it is assumed the responsibilities of an increasingly cultural future, based on the actual public merit.

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d'Orfeu na Womex, com lançamentos especiais!

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