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Since April 2000, we are a company focused on the convergence of creations, artistic and executive productions in the field of music and image. Founded and located in Brasilia, GRV operates in many areas of the music world, from creation to commercialization, with a strong focus on project elaboration and management, editing, synchronization and distribution, promotion, publicity and exposure in the most diverse scenes of Brasilia, Brazil and in all the digital formats and platforms present, and many other activities related to music.

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Our most prominent international initiative, hosted and produced, annually, in the month of April in the capital of Brazil, the MPA - Music Professionals Awards, the largest award ceremony for music professionals in South America, which takes this opportunity to promote the 8th edition. Since 2015, we have computed five in-person editions and one in digital format, broadcast live worldwide with the participation of more than 40 representatives from the music industry, companies, producers, music festivals and the artists themselves from 14 different countries. such as the USA, England, France, Canada, Peru, Chile, the Caribbean and many others!

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Last but not least, we are participating in WOMEX in partnership with the television network Music Box Brasil, the only television network in Brazil that distributes musical content. In this partnership, we are circulating the main fairs in Brazil and around the world, to capture, through personalized interviews, diverse content for a series of unpublished programs, presented monthly in the format of specials under the name Music Drops, which can be watched anywhere on the planet.

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About GRV:
is a Brazilian company founded in 1997. It has a competent team, with extensive experience in several areas of performance. They are
Executive and Artistic Production
- Artist management
- Local production of shows/shows for artists from Brasília and other locations in Brazil
- Creation and execution of institutional and private events for large national and international companies.
Phonographic Production:

- Independent Label:
- Publisher
- Digital Distribution:
- Synchronization
- Planning and Management of Cultural Projects
-Special Projects
2005 a 2007
- International Independent Music Fair of Brasília | Director of the Independent International Music Fair of Brasília
University Music Festival.

- Short Independent Circuit
Debates, Pocket Show, Autograph Session and Cocktail. Nr. Edition = 06 | Location: Livraria Cultura - Brasília

2006 - 2012

2015 a 2022
- Music Professionals Awards (MPA)
With five editions already held in Brasília, and one, being the last, held in digital format, broadcast live worldwide to our audience, the Music Pro Awards is one of the biggest awards in the country, aimed at the music professionals themselves and all working people who have music as their way of life. Its mission is to take to the public, formed by the most diverse agents, artists, and professionals of the musical and audiovisual sector from Brasilia, Brazil, and the world, a rich experience filled with attractions such as live panels, lectures, pocket shows, interviews, and much more. The 6th edition, which took place in November 2021, received more than 40 international guests from 14 countries, such as USA, England, France, Canada, Chile, Peru and others, and had the honorable presence of the Indie Week festival,

Gustavo Vasconcellos.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2022
  • WOMEX 2010
  • WOMEX 2009
  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2006
  • WOMEX 2005
  • WOMEX 2003


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