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Acting for more than 15 years as a recording studio and live recordings, Estúdio Medusa underwent an extensive work of expansion and equipment/structure upgrading (2014/2015) and since two years also works with executive production and audio-visual content. Medusa has amongst its clients artists such as: Arnaldo Antunes, Zé Brown, Aláfia, João Parahyba, Jairo Pereira, Kyekyeku (Ghana), Luedji Luna, Xênia França and Siba Veloso.

Some of our main jobs:

April 2018: recording, mixing and mastering of the album "Agosto na Cidade Murada", a opera rock by Salloma Sallomão to be released by end 2018.

November 2017: recording, mixing and mastering of the EP "MutuM", by the São Paulo artist Jairo Pereira

March 2017: recording and musical production of the second album by the rapper-embolador Zé Brown, "Poesias do Povo"

March 2017: recording, mixing and mastering the track for the book "Sob os Olhos de Eva" (with the band Kaoll) released by Editora RedClown

December 2016: 5 track recording of the Cuban group Batanga & Cia ( for the soundtrack of the TV serie "Dois Irmãos" of Globo TV.

January 2017: recording, mixing and mastering of the EP "Cara Merreca", by the São Paulo band Sombaguá.

November 2016: Executive production of Feiticeiro Julião's show (with contributions from Siba, Pedro Osmar and Tagore) on 04/11/16 at the theater of SESC Belenzinho.

November 2016: production and recording of the video clip "Chegou a Hora" by Zé Brown (music from the album "Poesias do Povo") and its release in the Matilha Cultural in São Paulo.

November 2015: technical, musical and sound direction of 5 presentations, by Zé Brown and band, in the circuit of the CEUs for the education department of São Paulo.

2012: Musical production of the album "Samba no Balanço do Jazz" (João Parahyba) released by Sesc Label.

2011: Production and recording of the track Berimbau (Trio Mocotó and Mayra Andrade) for the album Red Hot + Rio 2.

2010: Recording of the album Repente Rap Repente, the first solo album by Zé Brown.



participating in

  • WOMEX 2019
  • WOMEX 2018
stand number WOMEX 19: 2.3-2.4, 2.13-2.16


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Jairo Pereira


"Kyzumba" - João Parahyba

"Sor" - Kyekyeku

"MutuM" - Jairo Pereira