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International management of artists & bands, booking, record production, publishing, and artistic consultancy.

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Zig Zag World’s activities are focused on the international management of artists & bands, booking, record production, publishing, and artistic consultancy. We represent unique and interesting projects across different genres of music. Expertise and passion is Zig Zag World’s motto since 1997.

For the upcoming seasons we present 3 original classic/crossover creations:
Didier Laloy is considered one of the most active representatives of the diatonic accordion revival at the international level. Coming from the world of traditional music, he has decompartmentalized musical genres. Didier is a musical explorer in perpetual search of new challenges and new encounters.
Following his projects Belem (with cellist Kathy Adam) and the incredible Belem & The Mekanics (with contemporary Belgian composer Walter Hus and his large orchestra of mechanical instruments), he is now proposing a new original creation: the meeting of the diatonic accordion with a symphony orchestra.
The repertoire consists of his own compositions arranged for orchestra by Belgian composers Jean-Luc Fafchamps and Gwenael Grisi, as well as original pieces written by three of the most prominent representatives of the new generation of Cuban contemporary music, Pepe Gavilondo, Jorge Amado and René Baños.
Co-produced by the Colibri and Zig Zag World labels, recordings and mixings took place in Cuba earlier this year with the Havana Lyceum Orchestra under the direction of its great conductor José Antonio Mendez Padron.
We are looking for a licensing deal or distribution deals.
We offer this repertoire for concerts and collaborations with symphony orchestras around the world.
To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the legendary Cuban a cappella sextet Vocal Sampling wish to mark this event with an original creation and a collaboration with a symphony orchestra that will reveal a whole new repertoire, but also new facets of its vocal talent. During this concert, Vocal Sampling will offer a classical/contemporary repertoire, sprinkle in some great references of Cuban and Latin popular music, with moments when the group will sing alone and moments when they will interact with the orchestra.
The repertoire will consist mainly of works written by great Cuban composers as well as by René Baños Pascual, musical director and leader of Vocal Sampling. René Baños Pascual explains: “We want to combine the implicit codes of ‘concert’ music as a vector that guides us towards a new vision of the universality of Cuban music, based on the crossbreeding that is our culture and a reflection of our society.”
Without any doubt a Cuban evening full of emotions and surprising musical discoveries.
After 2 fantastic concerts with the Tönkunstler Orchestra in October 2021 at the Musikverein (Vienna) and the Festspielhaus ST-Pölten, Vocal Sampling will give this summer the opening concert of the Hafensommer Festival with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Würzburg on 22 July 2022.
The band will also be on the bill of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival for 3 solo concerts on the 28, 29 and 30 July 2022.
- TAFASSIL (Driss El Maloumi)
Master and virtuoso of the oud, Driss El Maloumi presents TAFASSIL (Details), his new musical work for oud, percussion and symphony orchestra.
It is accompanied by his perpetual search for the authentic "Tarab" (to reach musical ecstasy, the exaltation of the soul in the whirlwind of music) and nourished by his thoughts and "musical" observations linked to his imposed isolation over the last 20 months that Driss composed the pieces of his creation.
"Music - for me - is not just a horizontal or vertical melodic track. Music is a mysterious clarity that gently or abruptly seeps into the heartbeat."
Driss El Maloumi is a multi-talented musician and composer of international renown. He has collaborated with Jordi Savall & the Ensemble Hespèrion XXI, played on several albums by the singers Montserrat Figueiras and Françoise Atlan, created the magnificent 3MA project with Ballaké Sissoko and Rajery, and played alongside great poets such as Abdelatif Lâabi (Morocco) and Adonis (Syria).
Two prestigious concerts are already scheduled :
29 November 2023 : Musikverein - Vienna (Austria) with the Tonkünstler Orchester
30 November 2023 : Festspielhaus - St-Pölten (Austria) with the Tonkünstler Orchester
A Contre-Jour / Zig Zag World co-production/management.



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