WOMEX Trade Fair Area

Lying at the heart of WOMEX, the Trade Fair – which, at WOMEX 21, consisted of 620 exhibiting companies from 50 countries at 200 stands – hums with energy and activity and is one of the top drawcards of the event. This is where the international world music community meets to do business.

The important thing about WOMEX is seeing how many people are working for the same cause, encouraging music cultures to get stronger, letting the world know about their existence and richness, which is a mutual encouragement to get on with the work! You really feel you are part of a bigger movement, and your cultural identity counts.

Kirill Kuzmin, Bactria Cultural Centre, Tajikistan

WOMEX is the best place to meet artists and music people from all over the world

Lennart Wretlind, Spotify, Sweden

Having meetings with people from all over the world is so enriching. Any business, big or small, can succeed on the international market. I encourage emerging music businesses to attend WOMEX. The possibilities are endless; your business does not end at the border!.

Marlyn Ntsele, iSupport Music Business, South Africa