WOMEX Code of Conduct

Since 1994, WOMEX - The Worldwide Music Expo, has welcomed people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible. It is committed to making the on-site and virtual events a respectful, considerate, harassment-free space for all participants - regardless of age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, appearance, nationality, ethnicity or socioeconomic status and beliefs. WOMEX does not tolerate harassment towards, between, or among its members. Our community members and participants are expected to treat each other with empathy and respect.

All participants, whether on-site or virtual, are expected to conform to our Code of Conduct to establish a safe environment for each other. Non-compliance may result in being expelled from the event without a refund, as stated and agreed in our registration terms and conditions.

In every session on-site or online, you will find one WOMEX team member present. Please notify us if you believe an incident has taken place, and we will address the situation. We would like you to support us in making everyone feel inclusive and safe. To encourage networking and connections among participants, we recommend using your real name on Zoom and encourage you to upload a picture of yourself to your profile. Please do not use malicious or offensive language, whether spoken or in the chat options, and please do not 'spam' Community chats with offers or promotions. If you are accidentally granted a moderator status of a video stand of which you are not an owner, please do not misuse the granted rights and return the ownership of the virtual space to the rightful partner once they re-appear online.

Our Code of Conduct does not exist because we expect to deal with unpleasant circumstances and issues. Instead, we have it to inspire confidence in our community of participants and reassure them that they are attending an event that provides a safe, comfortable and open space for the relationships and interactions we all value.