WOMEX Academy is our homemade initiative, which trains and prepares artists and other music professionals to access international circuits and markets.

The world out there is full of opportunities but key questions remain: how to get a foot through the right door(s)? How to make substantial first steps in international circuits? How to work and network on international level?
Thanks to specific partnerships, WOMEX provides a practical and fully customized programme to learn about global music trends and business, to identify international circuits and to gain inspiration. It is also a compelling place to meet new colleagues and potential partners and establish long-lasting professional networks globally.

Initially, the WOMEX Academy included preliminary workshops on location in the partners' countries and a WOMEX attendance with dedicated workshops and mentoring programme. We have now adopted an hybrid format mixing online training and mentoring formats and/or on-site workshops and for selected participants a WOMEX attendance:

  • Totally dedicated programmes developed for each partner and group of fellows according to their needs and resources.
  • Contents focused on the practical experience with trainers and mentors coming from very various horizons of the music industry.

Some type of programmes we have implemented shaped according to partners' needs: short online preparations for WOMEX delegations, on site preparations trainings in various countries and attendance to WOMEX with a dedicated mentoring programme.

The first steps of the WOMEX Academy:
WOMEX Academy always works with dedicated partners and adapts the programmes and the formats based on the needs, experience, and background of the diverse groups of fellows taking into account local realities and ressources.

Current and past partnerships:
ACERCA programme of the Spanish Development Agency // Aga Khan Music Programme – Central Asia // Global Toronto and the Indigenous Music Summit // Goethe-Institut Senegal and the GIZ Réussir au Sénégal // KATAPULT Creative Accelerator Program AGBU, Armenia // MOST – Bridge to Balkan Music // Music Moves Europe programmes – Training Scheme for Young Music Professionals: SuCarMus - Sustainable Careers in the Music Sector, lead by the Cyprus Music Information Center, and World Pitch lead by Forum Folk Art Fund, Hungary // Procultura Palop-TL // SEWEM – Sino European Women Entrepreneurs in Music // Sibelius Academy, Finland // Transcultura (Integrating Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union through Culture and Creativity) // UNESCO 2005 Convention on Diversity of Cultural Expressions // Western Arts Alliance - USA

For further information please contact us: consult@piranha-arts.com