Press Registration & Accreditation

Journalists play a vital role in the dissemination of music and in keeping the important discourse on this art form alive. WOMEX acknowledges this by offering a reduced rate to media professionals, subject to approval.

If you are a delegate who will attend WOMEX first and foremost in your role as a journalist or as a professional involved in the editorial work of a music media company, you are invited to register for our special Media Rate. While registering as a delegate, check the "Media Registration" box when you are entering your data and send a copy of your press credentials to

After confirmation from our communications department, you will be granted the discounted Media Rate registration price.

Accreditation to WOMEX 23 is reserved for a limited number of international and local press. For information on press accreditation, please email

Press Photos and Media Downloads

High-resolution press photographs can be downloaded from the relevant Dropbox folders:

Please see the conditions of use for these high-resolution photos.

Other downloadable media such as low-resolution photographs, logos, audio and embeddable video, see our Press Photos and Media Downloads page:

Photos, Logos, Audio and Videos

Press Releases & Quotes

See the latest WOMEX press release and sign up to receive updates and press releases as soon as they are published at our Press Release page. Archived press releases from previous editions can also be found here.

Join our Press Release mailing list to be sure you'll receive all our announcements and updates first. If you for any reason you no longer wish to receive the WOMEX Press Release by email, unsubscribing is just as easy.

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Recordings at WOMEX

If you would like to make audio/audio-visual recordings of any of the WOMEX Showcases, you need to sign a simple agreement with us – contact us and we will send you one. Once it is signed, you will be authorised to use your recording device during a particular performance.

Please note: there are specific recording restrictions placed on some of the Showcase concerts by artists. Please contact us for more information.

All delegates are free to create recordings or photographs of the general WOMEX atmosphere (e.g. in the Trade Fair Hall) without a special agreement from WOMEX.

Those interested in recording a Conference Session or a Networking Meeting, etc., please contact the speaker(s) beforehand to obtain their individual permission – please email to be supplied with the relevant contact details.

Laurent Benhamou is the founder and director of Crunk, an audio visual company working on the production and direction of advertisements and commercials, music videos and documentaries. Previously he worked with the world cultures magazine, Mondomix where he was the head of production for all multimedia content including mini-documentaries, interviews and live concerts.

Since 2014, he has been the head of the WOMEX video team who are responsible for shooting the official WOMEX videos. With sound and visuals as his twin loves, music and musicians are always a central theme in his work. To get in touch with Laurent or learn more about his work, head here:


Photography at WOMEX

Delegates do not need special permission to take photos at WOMEX. However, please do mind the following rules for taking photos at the Showcase events:

  • no flash
  • no disturbing shutter/other sounds
  • no access on-stage
  • respect the artists and their audience

All photographers/camera operators will have access to the area right in front of the Showcase stages – there won't be any fences. However, only the three Official WOMEX Photographers will be allowed to go backstage/onstage.

During the event we will provide the press with a variety of event photos in hi-res. However, should you need any specific photos of the event, please contact the official WOMEX Photographers to discuss terms.

Read more about our official WOMEX Photographers

Radio Studio & Interview Rooms

Radio Studio

Returning for yet another year, the WOMEX Radio Studio is equipped for both live broadcast and pre-recording, meaning that, however a radio show is made, it can be made at WOMEX. In previous years, the studio has seen animated discussions, interviews with artists and industry and live, impromptu performances from WOMEX artists, and this year promises to be no different.

Radio Studio page

Interview Rooms

If you are in need of a quiet spot to conduct interviews during WOMEX 23, a number interview rooms will be available to book at our daytime venue. We would also be happy to provide you the contact details of any showcase artist and their representatives, conference speaker or film presenter you may need.

Contact us