• 27-31 OCT 2021
  • Porto, Portugal


Interactive online panel discussions, mentoring sessions, networking meetings and presentations.
For the WOMEX 20 Digital Edition, speakers from around the world address the global music scene's
most pressing topics.


Philip Küppers

Interview with Philip Küppers

WOMEX caught up with Philip Küppers, director of the Goethe-Institut Senegal and a strong partner for the WOMEX Academy which offers advanced training and facilitate access to international markets for young music professionals.

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ZJ Sparks

Interview with ZJ Sparks

WOMEX caught up with Tricia "Zj Sparks" Spence, a Jamaican DJ, producer and writer as well as CEO of Twelve 9 Records & Yaaas Goodie Apparel. We talked about latest developments in Jamaica's music scene and some hints for promising upcoming artist within.

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Fairouz Nishanova

Interview with Fairouz Nishanova

WOMEX caught up with Fairouz Nishanova, director of the Aga Khan Music Programme and Music Award, who gives us an inside look of how the Aga Khan Programmes work and what goals and purpose they serve.

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Derek Debru

Interview with Derek Debru

Are you curios to know how Nyege Nyege came together, and what it takes to be playing at Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda? We speak with Derek Debru, co-director for Nyege Nyege Tapes, Nyege Nyege Festival and Hakuna Kulala to discuss how it all started. Watch this short interview to find out.

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