Speakers and delegates from around the world come every year to WOMEX to share experiences, connect and network.
Get to know some of the projects and programmes present at WOMEX through a collection of interviews.


Jorane Castro

Interview with Jorane Castro

We caught up with Jorane Castro to discuss her film "Terruá Pará" as well as the new project she has been working on, a tribute to one of the great composers of Amazonian music, Mestre Cupijó.

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Giulia Rosco

Interview with Giulia Rosco

We caught up with Giulia Rosco, director of "Feneen". By portraying the various facets of the fledgling music industry of Dakar, capital of Senegal, the film emphasizes the fundamental role of urban subcultures for the many up-and-coming musicians and artists.

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Lucy Durán and Laurent Benhamou

Interview with Lucy Durán and Laurent Benhamou

We caught up with Music academic, producer and journalist Lucy Durán and filmmaker (and long-time WOMEX collaborator) Laurent Benhamou who try to unravel the story of the kora in their latest documentary.

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Kaveh Nabatian

Interview with Kaveh Nabatian

We caught up with Kite Zo A director, Iranian-Canadian artist Kaveh Nabatian, who besides making films is also an acknowledged musician, to talk about structuring the film as a remix album, the shooting in Haiti and the ethics of documentary film-making.

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Lucia Kagramanyan

Interview with Lucia Kagramanyan

We caught up with Lucia Kagramanyan, director of Panorama Yerevan – The Rock Edition. Lucia is a Vienna-based artist of Armenian origin, a radio host, DJ, and music researcher/ ethnomusicologist.

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Telmo Soares

Interview with Telmo Soares

We caught up with Telmo Soares, director of 'Are We Punks Or Not?' and the main director of Casota Collective that he co-founded in 2016.

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Lucia Kašová

Interview with Lucia Kašová

We caught up with director Lucia Kašová who has traveled the globe and her short films won several awards at various festivals in Europe.

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Luis Rojas

Interview with Luis Rojas and Natalia Castrillón

We caught up with Luis Rojas, co-founder of CRACK, director and motion graphics artist with more than ten years of experience in the film industry, and Natalia Castrillón, protagonist of
This life and the other.

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Sara Nacer

Interview with Sara Nacer

We caught up with director Sara Nacer a Canadian Algerian emerging filmmaker based in Montreal. Recognised in Montreal for her contribution to the promotion of cultural diversity, she has produced several major events and projects.

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Parviz Rostami

Interview with Parviz Rostami

We caught up with director Parviz Rostami, who narrates the philosophy of seven musical maqams of the oldest wind instrument (shamshal) in the lives of the people of Zagros.

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Asifuzzaman Khan

Interview with Asifuzzaman Khan

We caught up with the organizer of Dhaka International FolkFest, Art manager Asifuzzaman Khan, to talk about Mro Song And Dance, a beautiful documentary capturing authentic music cultures on the backdrop of globalization.

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Anisa Sabiri by Leo Abrahams

Interview with Anisa Sabiri

We caught up with filmmaker Anisa Sabiri, who worked as a tour guide in the Pamir mountains while building a profile as an award-winning author, PEN congress speaker, cultural activist and photographer.

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Interview with WOMEX Delegates

We caught up with some of our WOMEX Delegates. Let’s hear what they have to say about WOMEX.

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Pedro Coquenão aka Batida

Interview with Pedro Coquenão aka Batida

We caught up with film director Pedro Coquenão aka Batida, who creates and interacts with music, dance, visual, plastic and radio arts to chat about his work and his hometown - Lisbon, the city that will host WOMEX 22.

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Philip Küppers

Interview with Philip Küppers

WOMEX caught up with Philip Küppers, director of the Goethe-Institut Senegal and a strong partner for the WOMEX Academy which offers advanced training and facilitate access to international markets for young music professionals.

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ZJ Sparks

Interview with ZJ Sparks

WOMEX caught up with Tricia "Zj Sparks" Spence, a Jamaican DJ, producer and writer as well as CEO of Twelve 9 Records & Yaaas Goodie Apparel. We talked about latest developments in Jamaica's music scene and some hints for promising upcoming artist within.

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Fairouz Nishanova

Interview with Fairouz Nishanova

WOMEX caught up with Fairouz Nishanova, director of the Aga Khan Music Programme and Music Award, who gives us an inside look of how the Aga Khan Programmes work and what goals and purpose they serve.

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Derek Debru

Interview with Derek Debru

Are you curios to know how Nyege Nyege came together, and what it takes to be playing at Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda? We speak with Derek Debru, co-director for Nyege Nyege Tapes, Nyege Nyege Festival and Hakuna Kulala to discuss how it all started. Watch this short interview to find out.

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