• 24-28 OCT 2018
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

WOMEX Conference Archive

Here you can find a list of every WOMEX Conference session we've hosted, and ever speaker who has taken part, all the way back to our very first edition in 1994. To see the sessions and speakers from a specific year, simply select the year from the list below.

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2017 – Katowice, Poland

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

Decolonising Artistic Practice

Guide to World Music in Russia

The Music Business in the 'Weimar Triangle'

Supporting the Growth of Venues of the Arab World

Passing on the Tradition

Let's Make a Kick-Ass Record!

How to Build a UCCN Music City

The Relevance of 'World Music' to Asia Today

Sync your sound


The Music of Endangered Languages

Brand Aid

Consultations, Campaigns: the music sector raises its voice!

The Death of the Music Genre

The Electronic Music Scenes in South America and Africa

Beyond "Free and Open to the Public"

Can Folklore Be a Cool Thing?

The Future of Artist Mobility Strategy, advocacy, and the role of unions

Platforms, Publicity and Public Radio Public service broadcasting

Can We Convert Online Interactions Into Real Life Friendships? Which social skills are needed to succeed in creative industries?

Heritage & Future: Reclaiming Roots From Scotland's Travellers to Transylvanian Roma: the art of survival

2016 – Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

Teaching Music as a Language

Between Identity and Diversity

The World of Music if You Cannot Hear

World is a Live Win-Win (Just Take Smart Risks)

Music Markets in the Arab World

Content from East Africa

Engaging Current Events, Shifting Community Conversations

Data-Driven Cross-Cultural Music Sharing

Horizons at WOMEX Panel: Brexit and Beyond

Unspoken Censorship

Catalyst for Cultural Democracy

A Charter for World Music

How to Develop a Music Market in Asia

Festival International des Nomades, Cultural Life in the Sahara

Is There a Future for World Music Albums?

Digital Basics for Analogue People

Alleyways, Plazas, and Forts: Connecting Audiences to Global Music in Unconventional Formats & Spaces

Music and Migration

Hands-On Music Film

Sustainability in the Music Business

The Nu LatAm Sound

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 16 Professional Excellence Award

Goodbye WOMEX 16 – Hello WOMEX 17

2015 – Budapest, Hungary

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

Introduction to the Music Scene in India - available on YouTube

Touring the Balkans

A Tale of Two Nations - available on YouTube

The Wise and the Wild – Systemic Industry Jamming

Using Sync to Cross Borders in a Digital World

Nationalism and Traditional Music - available on YouTube

Breaking Down the Walls

Feedback WOMEX 15 – Preview WOMEX 16

Cross-Cultural Musical Collaborations

Data Driven Journeys

Why Curation Will Save the Music Industry

Shifting Sands: Arts Presenting and the New Arts Entrepreneur

Crossing the Border

Cuba: La Isla de la Música

Putting the A & R into Artist

Masters from the Past

Connecting with the Far East

The Kids Are Alright! - available on YouTube

Latinos and the Global Music Industry

Label Release vs. Artist Release

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 15 Professional Excellence Award

Music Bridging Communities in Post-Conflict Environments - available on YouTube

Who is that Singing Your Song?


2014 – Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

Galician Folk Music – An Overview


Bug Music and the Songs of the Forest

Central Asia – at the Crossroads Looking East and West

The World's a Remix – The Remix Space

Visualising Business Processes

The Remix Speed Date - Get on it!

The Black Sea Region

Talent Development in World Music and Jazz

Play it Again: Music and Revolution

The Pitch Ninja

International Engagement and Cultural Diplomacy

Do It Yourself Together

20 Years WOMEX Community – Future Outlooks and Visions

Solar Power: Using Technology to Connect Music and Nature

The Status of Gypsy Folk Music in Hungary and Europe

Breaking in America

Traditional Music in Rajasthan and Pakistan

Music Festivals as a Tool of Social Development

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 14 Professional Excellence Award

Goodbye WOMEX 14 – Hello WOMEX 15

Billions of Tiny Screens


2013 – Cardiff, Wales, UK

Showcase to Flightcase

Successfully Tapping into the Online and Mobile Revenue Stream

Growing Your Audience

Quo Vadis – Distribution

Big Concerts, Big Issues – World Cup, Rock in Rio and Olympic Games

Evolving Markets in Sight

World Music, Diversity and Democracy

The Off Axis Touring Network

Say Cheese – The Band Photo

Jazz from Israel – A Musical Phenomenon

Bass is the Place – The Future of Reggae is Now

What Do Producers Really Do?

Music in Africa

A New England! How World Music Changed the English Classroom

Conferences in Latin America

Joining the Dots

Are Artists Trademarks?

Music – An Effective Tool in the Development Process

The Pitch Ninja

Cultural Diversity vs Administration Frontiers

Nomads Palace

Crossing Borders

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 13 Professional Excellence Award

WOMEX 13 – Review and Preview


2012 – Thessaloniki, Greece

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

Promotion of Local Repertoires Through Digital Media

In Times of Crisis, Think “Indie”

Historical Middle-Eastern Music Rediscovered

Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From, But Where I’m Going!

Make the Most of virtualWOMEX

Do You Really Need a Manager? Artist, manager, self-managed artist

A Night in Tunisia, or, Jazz as World Music

What’s Your Story: A live demonstration of how to craft your press angles

Appily Ever After: Apps and world music

World Music Festivals in Eastern Europe & the Balkans

World Music, Global Bass, and the Future of Hybrid Music

Alternative Sources of Funding: Crowd-financing

Syncing Fast! A guide to getting your tracks played on television

Occupy World Music: Activism and social responsibility

New World Order? The rise of the niche market and a discussion on changing times for world music

Copyright: A Global Perspective

Let’s All Get Along: Government + Music + Funding

Digital Culture: What can the world music industry learn from museums?

Touring Canada: The Great White North is green in summer

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 12 Professional Excellence Award

WOMEX 12 – Review and Preview

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 12 Artist Award


2011 – Copenhagen, Denmark

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

World Music in Film and Television

Too Much of a Good Thing? Strategies for Dealing With Market Saturation and Over-Exposure

Middle East: Big Labels, Small Fish and a Thriving Economy

Money for What? Web Users as Investors and Patrons Through Crowdfunding Platforms

Creative Entrepreneurs + Creative Government Policy = Economic and Arts Development

Competition Among Collecting Societies

Economic Impact Studies in the Management of Arts Markets

Blues & Roots: The Fertile Ground of Jazz & World Music

Creating a Platform for Diaspora Artists in the Western Market

Selling World Music to the Hipsters

We Put the Fun in Funding

Big in Japan: How to Sell and Promote Your Music in Japan

The Global Entertainment Manager

Who's Playing Whom? World Music as Cultural Diplomacy

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 11 Professional Excellence Award

Your Pitch Sucks, Let's Fix It!

Can Archival Recordings Stimulate Economic Growth and Interest in World Music?


2010 – Copenhagen, Denmark

WOMEX Orientation for New Delegates

The Secret of Sub-Publishing

Cultural Economy as International Development

From Idea to Distribution

Bullshitting on Copyright in the Next 25 Years

Women of the World

Digital Africa: Empowering artists and producers

The Tsapiky Music of Toliara (South-West Madagascar)

Oceanic Beats: The musical and cultural revolution from Oceania

Get Your Music Ready for Coops with Brands and Media Companies:

Barriers of Entry, Artists and Visas: Mobility of artists and cultural professionals

English Folk Music’s Grand Resurgence

Welcome to WOMEX 2020: Looking back at 10 years of world music

Neighbourhood Watch: The view from across the tracks

Touring World Music Bands in the Nordic Countries

Dos, Don'ts and Truths of Digital Distribution and Social Media

Presenting World Music in China: Realities and practicalities

The Perfect Storm – The Indian Music Industry in 2010

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX 10 Award for Artists

WOMEX 10 – Review and Preview


2009 – Copenhagen, Denmark

A Sting in the Long Tail

How to Market Music from Developing Countries Online

Where is the Money? How to convert the Internet’s promo value into revenue

GlobalMusic2One – New generation of hybrid music analysis and search engines

The New Label Architecture Emerges

How to Avoid Withholding Taxes on Performances and Royalties

Music Markets in the Middle East

The Money Is Where The Music Is

Music, Money and Growth in East Africa

New Methods for Breaking Artists

Diaspora in Development – Turning a Tide of Brain Drain

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The Passerelle Foundation – Structured support to African urban culture and arts

Strength in Diversity

European Commission: ‘Get the Music to the People!’

The Chinese music scene and Shanghai's EXPO 2010 World Music Festival

Meet the WOMEX 09 Award Winners

Chinese Crickets Rosary Showcase: Abandoning the humanocentric perspective


2008 – Sevilla, Spain

Finding Common Ground Across an Icreasing Digital Divide

Tajikistan – the Great (Development) Game

Formatting – Curse or Blessing?

Visa Session Follow-Up

World Class Cities + World Class Arts = Economic Growth and Quality of Life

African Music Export Office (BEMA)

The Contemporary Music Scene in India

Scandal, Satire and Social Change – A Brief Romp Through the History of Calypso

Muslim Women Music Makers: What's Stopping Their Progress

Music Creators in the Age of Digital Visibility

Musica Maluku

European Commission Outreach for World Music

Meet the WOMEX 08 Award Winners

The WOMEX Interview


2007 – Sevilla, Spain

Emergency Meeting: Back to the Future

From the Streets of Macondo to the Electricity of Mc'Ondo

Understanding Radio in the USA

DISMARC – Discovering Music Archives

You Do All That?! The Emerging Role of the Artist Manager

ExTra! Exchange Traditions

Ethnic Cleansing in European Radio?

Building the ARC

Covering the World

Folk Music Alive in a University – Mission Impossible?

Music Delta

The Radio: A World of Music

Cultural Actiions Towards Environmental Preservation

Whatever Happened to A&R

Metal Folk, or, How to Make a Leather-Clad Metal Freak Play the Fiddle

Transnational Communities in the US

Active Listening

Meet the WOMEX 07 Award Winners

Case Study: Lord of the Rings

Iran: Axis of Opportunity

Running an Indie in Hindsight

Is the Internet in Danger?

Digital Market Explosion

Emergency Meeting: Networking on the Visa Crisis


2006 – Sevilla, Spain

Crossing Borders – International Music Discovery in the Digital Marketplace

MPEG-7 – The new route to world music?

Digital Distribution of world music

Music archives – investment in future global access

New Orleans Music After Katrina – Will Culture Survive in the Birthplace of Jazz?

Young Urban African Music – A Misunderstood Population

The folk musician of Rajasthan – Endangered species or marketable product?

The Sound of Taiwan – How the multiple cultures reflect on Taiwanese music

Maurice el Médioni's Pianoriental Style

Creation through destruction – New experimental music trends in China

Meet the Winner of the WOMEX Award 2006

Contemporary musical scene in Pernambuco and traditional music

Music from Serbia – What is on offer?

Travel with your Ears: Chamamé from Argentina

The diversity of folk, traditional & world music in Croatia

Festivals and Festivities in Colombia

Unlocking the international potential of Colombian Indies

New horizons for Freemuse

Rich Traditions, Fair Returns – Helping endangered cultures through music

Women and cross cultural music

Lawyers, Guns and Money – Resolving International Legal Disputes in the Music Industry

Recording Production: Alchemy, Inspiration or Hard Work?

Raising money for arts festivals and cultural organisations

World Music on Television – Reflections and discussions on the market and business


2005 – Newcastle/Gateshead, UK

Youth & the New Pan-African Renaissance

The Importance of online/mobile Exploitation for independent music companies

World Music DVDs – Do they deliver?

Music as a Hotbed for Economic Development

Revolution and Popular Culture in Venezuela

World Music, Bio-Diversity and Cultural Rights, Explorations

Models for creating north-south dialogue and building capacity for our artist, media, and music business colleagues in Africa and Latin America

Successful Booking & Touring in the U.S. Market

ELMF – A lobby group for European Live Music Communities

Is Bhangra now a legitimate force within the world music industry or simply fashion?

Meet Bi Kidude

A Foot in Each World, International Exchanges

World Culture in Jazz and Mainstream Music

Shamanism – Tradition and World Music

Against the Flow – the role of music in decolonisation

Go, Have Fun, Make Good Music – making cross-cultural musical collaborations more equal

Has Britain failed its communities? How the communities make Britain Funky.

Is Highbrow the new Down-with-it?

Projeto Música do Brasil – Brazilian music in the international market.

Strategising Carnival Arts in UK

World Music – the Rock musician's perspective

Fair Music – Music Fair?

Fine Tuning Music Festivals

Tradition & Future of World Music

Big Wide World – the first annual WOMEX trivia game show

Getting Your Music Heard in Film & TV

More than Just a Gig – best practice in linking participation with performance.


2004 – Essen, Germany

Professional Development for Artists

Adventures In Clubland

Micro Labels for Dummies

Taking Stock: A Philosophical Look at the State of World Music

Folk Music as World Music – Why folk music has a rightful place in world music events

We are the World – Promoting & protecting your music internationally

9/11 – The world's all out of tune

Meet the Banned! – Music censorship in Turkey

Making your Way in the USA;

Pushing back Piracy in Developing Countries

African Underground – Exploring African/Global Hip-Hop Culture

Lullabies from the Axis of Evil – The making of musical bridges across enemy-lines

Promoting an event or artist via broadband media

World Musicians Need Paying Too – Get collection societies working for the developing world!

Establishing Turkish (Oriental) Music Repertoire in Europe

10 years of South African Democracy – The Cultural Challenge

Siberian Culture Across Borders

World Music Downloads

Stubnitz 1001+1 – European art space ship goes Orient

NOMAD – Entrance to No Man's Land – World music from the Nordic countries

Publishing in World Music – New form of colonialism?

Technological Production Tokenism: Event production and music meaning in East Africa

New Models of Music/Film Distribution

Culture, Kitsch and Pirate Copy – An introduction to the music scene and market in China


2003 – Sevilla, Spain

Presenting Arab Artists in the US

A Revolution in Music - Why «open-source» licensing is the future of the music biz

We Are The World: Promoting & Protecting Your Music Internationally

From Damascus to Sevilla - Arabic music on the move

Haul, the music of the Saharawis - Tradition and exile

Being a musical label in Arab countries

African guitar music as genre - Can the axe-men of Africa get the respect they deserve

Different Sides of the Same Spanish Coin? - International fame and fortune of Flamenco and Galician musics

Freemuse: Cultural Boycott - of any use?

Freemuse: Post-September 11

World Music transforms the life of poor youngsters in Brazil

Making sound archives accessible to the public

Making Videos Work For You

Ethnomusicology and popular musical luthiers in Spain

A Crisis of Relevance: African Youth and World Music

Do Latin independent labels still have a chance on the European music market nowadays?

The Liberation of World Music

Is African music subsidising Europe? – The long and winding road back to Africa for rights holders money

Divided Balkan nations again united by turbo-folk – World fusion at its worst

World Music and Sound – where got all the beauty lost

Touring Down Under – Opportunities in Australia

World Music in Jazz Festivals – Is the musical content of jazz festivals changing?

Tatu to Tuva: A Brief report on the sounds of 11 time zones

Music Production in South-West Indian Ocean


2002 – Essen, Germany

Linking Up North America

Music from the English-speaking Caribbean – Obstacles and perspectives

Azeri Mugamat: Art of Performance and Listening

Riding the Waves of Anti-Globalisation

Truth or Dare – Politically Correct "World Music": How presenters and labels abuse World Music artists

In the Womb of Rituals – Unparalleled folk music of India

Materiality and Spirituality of the Shona Culture

The Chaotic History of the Festivals in the South-West Indian Ocean Islands

Breaking Boundaries: Latin American Women's Music in the 21st Century

Nigeria-Arts.Net, crossing the Digital Divide

World Music in North-Rhine Westphalia

More than Twarab and Zouk – Popular music of the Comoro Islands

Europe Looks for the Means to Harden its Immigration Politics

The Dhow Countries Music Academy – Setting up a music school in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Southern Networks – Linking promoters in Africa and the Dhow Region

Artists facing Political Crises in Madagascar and across the world

Stopping the Music – Censorship in apartheid South Africa

Traditional Music in the Mascarene Islands

DVJ's: Introducing World Music to New and Young Audiences

Worldwide Events Database – How to promote events in a global database

Piracy: Who's Hurt and Who's Not

Which Way Nigeria? – Launch of Freemuse report on music and censorship in Nigeria

Producing Rap in West Africa

World on Your Street (BBC Radio 3) – Mapping World Music on our doorstep

Japanese Roots and Traditional Music


2001 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

New Music from Madagascar

From Gamelan to Grunge – Indonesian music tradition in the MTV age

Urban Scenes – A series of presentations from within!

How to launch an artist/album on the internet

From Sitar to Saz – World Music and education

Anglosemitic Bastards – London's radical new cross-cultural collaborations

The triple musical form on the Silk Road

Integration versus isolation – Why are radio and television so far behind compared to festivals?

A State of Trance with Agadir Gnawa

Refugee Voices – An innovative project of promoting artists in exile

Singing Zimbabwe's Disaster – Intimidation and Innuendo and Protest in Zimbabwe

Music and Musictherapy in the Countries under War – Experiences and Projects in Bosnia

France is the heart and soul, arms and legs of World Music

Ayia Napa – Do you really like it?

Is Your Festival Safe? – A Forum for festival organisers and others

Mozambique – A Renaissance underway

Touring in North America

Creativity – Asian Music in the 21st century

Digital Preservation and Distribution of our Music

From Haka to Hip Hop – Maori Music from the Pacific

Back to the fusion!

There Shall Be Love!

An Australian Journey – Towards the new

The role of the Music Industry

Music and Human Rights: The Fight Against Censorship,

Kaseko music of Surinam – A survey about the history and meaning

World Music, urban culture and music education

The Mexican Narcocorrido

Experiences in China, Mongolia and Tibet


2000 – Berlin, Germany

WWW.COORDINARTE.CH – The intercultural network

Possibilities of Cooperation and Network Foundation

Making The Mould – How to Stay an Enthusiast and Influence People

Revival of traditional culture in post-communist society

Musics of the Indian Ocean islands – Crossroad of Africa, Europe and Asia

Mercenary Forever?! A Brazilian female musician's survivor portrait

Music That Is Native To Canada: The Drum and Beyond

Europe's Day Of Music – The network of Fête Européenne de la Musique represents a unique European partnership

Dancing with the diaspora – Reconnecting Africa with itself through music

Back to the Roots: Ska in Latin America

Living "bakadibush" – The survival of independent labels in developing countries

String music from Mali

How to make money on the Internet

Why is World Music still underrepresented on TV?

The apocalyptic Balkan Dance

Klezmer in Germany & Germans and Klezmer

Guinea's Music Scene today

The story of little fish called Hungary swimming into the big wide World Music Ocean!

Nurturing the roots – In Africa we too want a piece of the action

MP3 and Electronic Music Distribution

Music from the periphery – A weapon against the globalisation

Rediscovering the missing link: Baltic amber goes digital

100 Years of World Music City Berlin - A Century Revisited

The policy of the Agence de la Francophonie's Cultural and Heritage Direction, concerning support of performing arts and cultural enterprises

Festivals produce for their future

Getting World Music on the Web without getting lost

World Music Networking in North America

World Music Compilations: the What & the Why & the Where To Now?

Demand Our Radio! – Syndication of World Music radio shows available immediately

Record production in French-speaking Africa

Creating the Pitch North of the Border

Radio Brasil – Do you speak Portugnol?

Digital Distribution Network – a new opportunity for world music?


1999 – Berlin, Germany

The Diversity of Brazilian Music and how to break it into the international market

The North American Network

Online Trading and Protection of Right Holders

Saturday Balkan Fever: Goran Bregovic, Balkan Wedding Fever and Western Culture Industry

Treasure Island Cuba? No End?

Attaturk! Turkish musical Life and Culture in Berlin

What every Artist and Label needs to know about Music on the Internet

Tour de Festival – Networking for Artist and Audience

Managers – the Key to an Artist's Success or just plain Flesh Merchants?

The Experience Music Project in Seattle – A new Music Museum and interactive Music Educational Center for the 21st Century

Global Chillage – The Politics of Cross-Cultural Co-operation

Record Producers: Cheaper than Therapy?

The Mangue Beat Movement from Recife, Pernambuco

Tranzania – Tanzanian-Norwegian Collaboration on Music and Development

Sufi Soul or Sufi Soap? Sufism and World Music

World Music and the Internet

Networking Brazil 2000

Bringing World Music journalists together

World Children, future Audiences

A Television Oasis for World Music – "The Hidrogen" Programme of TV Catalunya

The Paranda Project – Africa in Central America

World Beatz Electronic – How Roots Musics captured Electronic Music Audiences

The Mercat Musica Viva de Vic MMVV – A Market for the Industry or a Market for the People?

Building a World Music Centre in Portugal

BerliNapoli – Cultural Exchange upside down

WOMEX gets virtual – The first Music Tradefair in Cyberspace

Music for Change – World Music and North-South educational activities and exchanges

The Return of the Radios – Live-recordings, Royalties, World Music Charts & more

The Art of Dislocation: Culture in Transition

I want my MP3 – Money for Nothing, MP for free


1998 – Stockholm, Sweden

Idealism, Ideology, Professionalism, Business


Why Nordic?

Who Sets the Record – Ethnomusicologists, Businessmen, Myths and the ICTM

Festivals vs Agencies

National Organisations – International Networking?

"Glocal Music" – Ragga, Reggae, Rap in Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam and Lusaka

Banned Music

Record Shops and Mail Order

Trends and Directions, Needs and Possibilities

Marketing World Music

World Music Retail in the US

Love, Peace & Understanding?

Cultural Development Projects à la Scandinavia

WOMEX 1999 in Berlin

WOMEX 2000 in Zaragoza


1997 – Marseille, France

A Free Space for the Artist in the Mediterranean Area? Music and Totalitarianism

Haiti: Business Infrastructure and Voodoo

The Mysteries of Britain

World Musics in the Mediterranean World

Crossover: The Magic Word vs Reality

Protection/Protectionism & the Quota Story – Radio Quotas and How to Love Them

Below the Surface – Photography, Images and World Music

A Mediterranean Market for the Musics? Mobility of Artists in the Mediterranean

Local, Popular and…unknown? How to Have a Hit in a Minority Language

Successful B[r]and Marketing

The Biggest Record Shop in the World or Farewell, my Distributor

Clubs, Worldmusic and the next Generation, or 'Live Bands are killing Music'


1995 – Brussels, Belgium

World Music and the Awareness of Intolerance: The Potential of Music and the Potential of Youth

Music is the Door, Image is the Key

Bringing it All Back Home: How Do We Value the Cultural Treasures of Our Immediate Surroundings and Immediate Past?

Practical Recording and Local Production Initiatives

Copyright Issues and the Information Society

Tales From the Publishing Chain

Agents and Bookers

Who Needs a Record Company Anyway?

Migrant Culture and Media Within Europe

Music of the Immigrants in Europe

Majors in the Growing/Local World

Festival Directors



1994 – Berlin, Germany

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Chasing the Elusive Sponsor!

Media, Who Needs It?

Decode the Future! Free the Archives!

The Artist's Perspective vs the Promoter's Perspective

Ethnomusicologists vs the World

On the Road – International Stylee

The Tower of Label

Xenophobia & World Music

Copyright & Copywrong

The Network Net